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Novella is a breathtakingly gorgeous storytelling theme for WordPress, with full support for Aesop Story Engine. Novella will make your stories look amazing with its crisp typography, coordinating colors, and precision details.

Customize Novella with a couple of default colors to match the look that you’re going for. And, with individual story accent colors, each story can have a life all it’s own. Take a test drive and see for yourself.

  • Link Color (you can also customize this for each story!)
  • Accent Color (this can be customized for each story too!)
  • Footer Text

Writers and authors will appreciate Novella’s ability to sell your stories with built-in support for Restrict Content Pro.

The Novella front page features a stacked grid where you can use a background image (or color) for each story. One of the coolest features is the animation effect displayed at the top of each story that progresses as the reader scrolls down the page. Take a test drive to see it in action!